BestLoc® Compact Flange (ASME) - BHDT GmbH
  • BestLoc® Compact Flange (ASME)

Main Features

LDPE/EVA application
Nominal size: 3/4” – 10” (standard)
Nominal pressure range: 1500# up to 2500# (standard)

Oil & Gas application
Nominal size: ½’’ – 24’’
Nominal pressure range: 150# – 2500#


  • Produced in conformance with international standards not only but also PED, ANSI, API, ASME VIII Div.1 & Div.2, BS 5500, B31.3 and customer’s specific requirements
  • Achieving high levels of performance by incorporating the three important concepts in piping connector design:
    • Seal at the smallest possible diameter (to reduce loads)
    • Use the BestLoc® pressure enhanced metal seal (to reduce pre-load requirements)
    • Isolate the seal from piping loads (to maintain performance under alternating conditions)