Health, Safety and Environment - BHDT GmbH

The goal of BHDT GmbH is to create jobs without endangering humans and the environment and to ensure that they are free from disturbances and accidents at work.


BHDT has set itself the goal of creating and securing jobs without endangering either people or the environment, and of keeping these jobs free of incidents and accidents by taking the appropriate safety precautions.

To ensure adherence to the international standards, BHDT is ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 certified. Internal and external audits take place on a regular basis, conducted by internal representatives, accredited organizations, as well as by the Austrian authorities, to ensure compliance with national laws and the international HSE normative.

BHDT commits to providing safe and healthy working conditions and to conducting all business activities in an environmentally friendly and resource saving manner.


BHDT continuously monitors the internal working conditions to

  • identify and assess all HSE hazards and aspects in order to avoid or minimize any possible impact on other people and the environment
  • assure full compliance with the applicable HSE legislation
  • avoid accidents, injuries and environmental pollution
  • reduce waste and provide for the appropriate disposing of hazardous materials.

Comprehensive documentation is kept on the monitoring of results.

BHDT does not tolerate

  • any behaviour which leads to major incidents or even accidents with injury or to any environmental consequences
  • any waste of resources
  • any form of discrimination.

BHDT’s management and all employees are aware of their responsibility towards the environment and towards other people. Our suppliers and subcontractors work in accordance with the same HSE directives and comply with the applicable HSE requirements.

Each BHDT employee is trained to act accordingly, respecting the implemented HSE principles, policies and related workflows and is obliged to report safety risks, accidents and environmental hazards. It is the responsibility of everyone inside the organisation to recognize that disturbances and risks of injury can endanger every employee and their own welfare and health as well.