Mission Statement - BHDT GmbH
  • Bohrinsel bei Sonnenaufgang

We see ourselves as the „hidden champions“ within our niche market segments. Continually focusing on our core competencies in development, design, production and service has made us the market leader.

We always strive to manufacture our products with the highest quality and put our customers at the centre of our attention. We achieve this target with employees who are the most qualified and best trained in their fields.

We strive to expand our product portfolio and develop innovative solutions, always taking a sustainable use of resources into account.

We pursue our guiding principle of „Excellence in High Pressure“ by defining five strategic main activities around our customer focus:



We consider it our task to serve the needs and expectations of our customers in the best possible way, being profitable for both partners.

With our expertise, experience and flexibility, we are capable of developing solutions for the ever-increasing challenges we face and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


We commit ourselves to manufacturing our products safely, efficiently and on time. Our continuous improvement process boosts our competitiveness. We focus on the knowledge gained from this process in order to make it beneficial to our customers.


At BHDT, sustainability is firmly integrated into the corporate strategy. It is our aim to combine economic, social and ecological aspects and to promote them evenly.

We provide an added value for our customers, the environment and the economy with our products and solutions, thereby ensuring our long-term success.
Our sustainable production is based on the conscious use of resources, high energy efficiency, environmentally friendly energy sources and resources.

The concepts of sustainability are regularly reviewed and adapted to any new circumstances.


We want to expand our portfolio in a targeted manner. By improving existing and developing new products and solutions, we aim to set ourselves apart from our competitors.


Our employees play a key role in the successful implementation of our strategy. We rely on excellent employees and provide them with the necessary resources and competencies to offer our customers individual services and solutions.

Responsible and ethical behaviour towards our employees is an integral part of our value system and has been formalised in our Code of Conduct.


Digitalisation encourages the implementation of new ideas, products and opens up new business areas and markets.

We have created framework conditions to provide our employees with the digital skills they need. This enables us to channel the resources required.