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Stationary Valve Test Stations

Main Features

  • Stationary pressure test pump, max. permissible working pressure PN5,500, max. flow rate 1.0 l/min, power consumption 18.5 kW
  • Central control panel
  • Test bench for different types of valves
  • Hydraulic oil station to test the hydraulic actuators of HP valves, max. permissible working pressure 210 bar, max. flow rate 80.0 l/min, power consumption 18.5 kW
  • Booster pump unit

Available as an option

  • Gas compressor for nitrogen, max. continuous working pressure 350-500 bar, max. flow rate 180 l/min
  • Swivel crane, load capacity 2,000 kg, pivoting range 3,000 mm to 360°
  • Testing device for pressure transmitter
  • Testing tools
  • Spare parts

Engineered and manufactured by BFT

Mobile Pressure Test Pumps

The complete testing pump unit is mounted on a trolley and designed for mobile use outside. It is available with different explosion protection versions. Operation takes place via cable remote control. Pre-selection of the maximum test pressure can be continuously adjusted up to PN5,500. The pump is switched off automatically after the set pressure is reached. The flow rate can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 1 liter per minute just like for the stationary pressure testing pump.

Engineered and manufactured by BFT