BHDT is also a contractor for large industrial plants, particularly in the field of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA), as well a partner for specialized equipment for the high pressure chemical industry.

Main Features

The high pressure reactor is a very essential part of a LDPE or an EVA plant. The ethylene gas is pressurised in a two stage compressor and transferred via preheater to the high pressure reactor. The polymerisation process from ethylene gas to the polymer takes place in the high pressure reactor and is cooled down in the following product cooler.

BHDT offers complete solutions for these high pressure components including steel structures:

  • Interstage cooler for the first stage of the compressor including interconnecting piping, high pressure distribution blocks and rupture disc devices.
  • Interconnecting piping from the second compressor stage to the preheater including high pressure distribution blocks and high pressure valves.
  • Preheater Systems (steam jacketed)
  • High pressure reactors including all valves and fittings
  • Product coolers

Depending on the size of a plant, the components can be prefabricated and delivered in modules. The design pressure of such a high pressure reactor and product cooler is about 350 MPa with a temperature of approximately 300 °C. The design pressure of the interstage cooler is 160 MPa and the temperature is approximately 130 °C. On material and fabrication highest requirements are implemented based on latest state of the art technology.

Tubular Reactor