Installation Service

High Pressure Equipment in a high pressure synthesis section of an UREA and LDPE plant deserves the best quality assurance for maximum reliability. Installation of High Pressure equipment during the construction phase or under substantial time-pressure during a turnaround or shutdown is quite critical.

Only if the quality of the applied materials and a proper alignment, accurate welding and precise equipment installation are assured, a safe and reliable start up and operation of the plant will be the result.

Advantages for our customers:

  • Experienced specialists providing reliable technical supervision as well as first-class workmanship will assure excellent pre-conditions.
  • Immediate availability of our specialists on site
  • Installation- or welding procedures specifications and procedure qualification records applied in UREA and LDPE plants.
  • Proper qualifications and certificates
  • Pre-fabrication of the High Pressure piping on BHDT site or on customers site. 






High Pressure Equipment in UREA and LDPE plants can suffer from various kinds of internal and external corrosion/erosion phenomena. Especially in older plants it is strongly advised to inspect the integrity of the HP Piping on regular base to assure a safe and reliable operation.

BHDT Service identifies and inspects the critical areas which are sensitive to corrosion/erosion from process side and atmospheric corrosion (corrosion under insulation) of all your High Pressure Equipment. 



In an UREA process several critical High Pressure valves are in operation. High pressure drops, crystallization, erosion, large flows and large sizes all can have its influence on the reliability of these important items, which influences the on stream time and many times the capacity of your plant. BHDT Service can assist you in troubleshooting of any High Pressure piping or High Pressure valve problem. BHDT Service has the Know How and experience and beside owns test centres and laboratories for detailed analyses. BHDT Service can support you to realize a more safe and reliable operating plant.



BHDT Service can take care of all your High Pressure Piping parts by means of setting up a local and/or central warehouse. You will be assured of short delivery times and high quality products against lower costs.