BHDT GmbH with all locations have committed themselves to providing safe and healthy working conditions and to carry out all business activities environmentally friendly. In order to achieve these goals, all company locations follow the following guidelines:

  • Identify and assess all HSE hazards and aspects, as well as risk management, in order to
  • minimize the possible impact
  • Compliance with applicable HSE legislation
  • Avoid accidents, injuries and environmental pollution
  • No toleration of conditions and behaviors which can lead to accidents and injuries
  • Reduction of waste and conservation of resources
  • Documentation and communication of HSE services within the organization
  • Continuous improvement of HSE performance


The management and all employees of the company are responsible for the introduction or maintenance of the HSE principles. Suppliers and subcontractors work in accordance with this HSE Directive and comply with the applicable HSE requirements. The guidelines for „ISO 14001 - Environmental Management“ are used for the implementation of environmental management. Regular audits and official inspections are used to determine the conformity of the laws and regulations of the Austrian Employees Protection Act (AschG) and the HSE guidelines.


Every employee whose work has a significant HSE impact is trained and assumes responsibility for compliance with the company-wide HSE principles and related workflows, instructions, and policies.

Safe and environmentally friendly work is the basic prerequisite for our work.
Every employee is obliged to report safety risks, accidents and environmental hazards so that appropriate measures can be taken to minimize such risks.

It is the responsibility of each individual to recognize that disturbances and risks of injury can endanger
every employee and thus also their own welfare and health.