For the reduction of costs to increase competitiveness and product quality, the optimization of production processes and the materials used is crucial. Here, the goal is to find this process that makes it possible to create the best possible product with optimum utilization of all resources. Such process and material optimizations always take into account the impact on energy demand and on the environment.

General advantages resulting from the process optimization:

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Reduction of product costs
  • Reduction of waste, scrap parts and rework
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Reduction of pollution
  • Reduction of process steps
  • Increase of throughput
  • Increase of product life, maintenance and inspection intervals
  • Increase of productivity through improvements in the working conditions
  • Increase of work safety

BHDT GmbH continually strives to optimize manufacturing processes using the latest technologies and the latest developments in material research. These efforts focus on the adaption of the material properties resulting from the heat treatment and the welding process, but also from forming processes such as tube bending or forging. In most cases, there is a desire to produce components whose materials show the greatest properties in terms of strength, toughness and corrosion resistance although these features very often compete with each other.

An example of the improvement of a production process is the development of an innovative method for over-bending of high-pressure pipe bends with heating jackets. This new process significantly increases reliability due to the elimination of all welds in the region of the pipe bend. By using simulation-programs and FE-software, the expected ovality or eccentricity of a bended heating jacket can be determined in advance. To ensure minimal maintenance of the required mechanical properties of the high-pressure pipe, the maximum surface temperature of the high-pressure pipe can be measured during the entire bending-over process and annealing effects are avoided by special temperature shielding.

Process Optimization

In the left picture, the calculated temperature distribution during the tube bending from a finite element simulation can be seen, while the right picture shows the corresponding field test.