Zero Dead

BHDT has developed a dead volume sample valve for all licensors with a lot of advantages:

Decades of experience make BHDT well known all over the world as a manufacturer of high pressure valves, especially for Urea and Ammonia plants.

Special know-how in the field of material science (Austenitic steel – urea grade materials 316Lmod. and 25Cr-22Ni-2Mo, Duplex and Superduplex like Safurex, HVD 1, Ferralium Alloy 255, Zirconium, Titanium...) for manufacturing of Fertilizer high pressure valves in cooperation with all major licensors.

Main Features

  • Valves are exclusively made out of forged material,
  • Exchangeable seat
  • Heating connection possible
  • Split coupling for linear movement
  • Full flush possibility
  • Support connection
  • Stem position indicator
Zero Dead Volume Sample Valve