High Pressure

BHDT offers complete tube systems fabricated with highest precision and smoothest internal surface finishing. The multiple efforts for production steps like deep hole drilling, honing, end machining and Autofrettage under a well implemented quality control system, guarantees a high sophisticated product of high pressure technology.

Main Features

The high pressure tubes are fabricated by the deep hole drilling process. With this high precision drilling operation, tubes up to 21 m length with an inside drilling diameter from 20 up to 200 mm can be fabricated. With counter drilling even up to 300 mm inside diameter. The modern production equipment and the obtained know-how permit the treatment of different materials and allow very small fabrication tolerances.

Due to high demands on quality and lifetime of high pressure components a smooth internal surface roughness is a mandatory requirement. BHDT achieves with the high precision honing machine an internal surface roughness better than Ra 0,1 µm on the high pressure components. Especially increase of lifetime achieved by honing has to be mentioned.

In the tube machining center the end machining on high pressure components is performed. Thread cutting or thread rolling can be performed on a special machine. The tool is fixed on a rotating numeric controlled unit, respectively a special device for thread rolling tool assembly. Numerous tools are available for metric, BS and ANSI threads.

All high pressure components are fabricated and tested in a quality system in order to achieve final products free of defects. Product examination is performed according to national- and international standards (ÖNORM, ASME, ASTM, AISI, API, SEP, DIN, EN, ISO etc.) including customer specification requirements.

An essential treatment of high pressure parts is Autofrettage i.e. introduction of intrinsic stresses in the wall by plastic deformation, with the result of stress reduction under operating conditions and longer life time of high pressure equipment. The documentation of Autofrettage is performed by a pressure versus time- or a pressure versus strain diagram. Fatigue tests on high pressure parts have shown that life time is extended about three times when Autofrettage is applied. BHDT offers complete Autofrettage equipment and systems up to a pressure of 1.200 MPa.

The heat exchanger tubes are finalized by jacketing of the high pressure tubes. Highest quality welding methods are used at BHDT, i.e. WIG, E, MIG/MAG. The welds are fully certified according the latest state of the art certifications AD-HP0 / TRD201 DIN EN 729-2 Welder certification DIN EN 287, ASME Section IX.

High Pressure Tube