BestLoc® Compact
Flange ASME

The BestLoc® Compact Flange (ASME) is lighter, smaller and easier to install than ANSI raised face or ring joint flanges. The BestLoc® Compact Flange (ASME) is available in all sizes/pressure classes and designed to offer improved sealing integrity while saving weight, space and cost.

Main Features

  • In accordance with PED, ANSI, API, ASME, BS 5500 and customer´s specific requirements
  • It achieves extremely high levels of performance by incorporating the three important concepts in piping connector design:
    1. Seal at the smallest possible diameter (to reduce separation loads)
    2. Use the BestLoc® pressure enhanced metal seal (to reduce make-up load requirements)
    3. Isolate the seal from piping loads (to maintain performance under changing conditions)
BestLoc® Compact Flange ASME